Connect with us as we Spread God's Love In The Earth!!!

This isn't about us just receiving from you, this is about our giving to you and to as many as we can reach for the Kingdom of God. Partnership goes two ways! A covenant partnership means that you are a part of a Kingdom alliance, which will change the lives of people forever! When you become a Pulse Covenant Partner, you lay the foundation to walk in the same favor, grace, power, and blessing as we do. You literally become a part of this ministry! Becoming a Pulse Covenant Partner has its benefits, but the greatest benefit is knowing that you helped fulfill the Scripture in Matthew 25:35-40. As a Pulse Covenant Partner, everyone who is touched, healed, and delivered, will have YOU to Thank!!!

The Benefits

  • Prayer Support - We will pray for your requests daily, until you let us know there is victory in your situation.
  • Personal Partner Letters
  • Small Tokens of our Love and Appreciation throughout the year

How To Become A Pulse Covenant Partner
If you are interested in becoming a covenant partner, please contact us for more information about sowing your seed of $25 or more each month.
May God continue to bless you and give seed to the sower!!!

We love you and truly appreciate ALL that you do! We could not advance the Kingdom without YOU!!!


Contact Information:

Email - dodi.simpson@gmail.com pastorasimpson@gmail.com




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